Walking in North Northumberland

St Cuthberts Way

Following, as far as possible, the footsteps of St Cuthbert as he travelled across North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders tospread the gospels, this route covers some of the most amazing scenery Northumberland has to offer. From the spiritual serenity of the Holy Island of Lindesfarne, to the cave St Cuthbert sheltered in, onward to Wooler and ultimately Melrose this walk covers a total of 62 miles (99.2Km).

St Aidens Way

Beginning in Berwick Upon Tweed and running down the North Northumberland coast to the pretty town of Warkworth this route is also called St Aidens Way and covers a total of 61m(97.6Km). running down the coast you will walk across the tidal causeway to reach Lindesfarne Island and we recommend you try doing it the way the pilgrims of would have. Travelling from post to post across the sand flats in a straight line from the mainland to the island. You will pass through some of the loveliest small towns and villages on the Northumberland coast including of course Belford where we can provide bed and breakfast accommodation for the weary traveller, and an evening meal. This is a route with stunning views of the area.

St Oswalds Way

St Oswalds Way links 3 major locations connected to the 7th century king of Northumbria who converted his people to Christianity. It begins at the Holy Island of Lindesfarne and winds its way through stunning countryside to the lovely town of Hexham. The last part runs parallel to Hadrians Wall offering the opportunity to visit one of the most historic locations in Northumberland, if not England.

Whichever direction you decide to tackle this long and worthwhile challenge from we will provide you with excellent bed and breakfast accommodation in our guest house in Belford.