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alnwick-castle.jpgAs a northern county, Northumberland had, of course, a major role to play in the military conflicts between England and Scotland as well as invasions from across the North Sea. The castles in this area vary from those in restored condition still used as a residence, to those showing the ravages of conflict and subsequent neglect. All however, are worth visiting while in this area whether it be for a good day out in a castle with attractions for everyone or an interest in the historical significance of Northumberland through the ages.

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cragside.jpgThe aristocracy of the county of Northumberland has had influence on many aspects of history. Whether it be defending against invasion or feudal conflict within our own borders to having a blend of tea named after you. The great houses of North Northumberland provide a day out for exploring beautiful rooms, walking in stunning gardens and grounds to catching sight of rare breeds in the wild. All provide a relaxed day out in beautiful surroundings.

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howick-gardens.jpgIf you love to see gardens of either country houses or castles which have taken years to plan, build and grow then North Northumberland has some of the best.

From the stunning Cascade at the centre of Alnwick Gardens to the wild but beautiful trails through the grounds of Cragside there is something for everyone in this area.

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st-cuthberts-way.pngFor those who prefer a more active holiday, North Northumberland has some of the best walking routes in the country. Whether you prefer short trails which loop around to bring you back to where you started or much longer routes which need a few days to complete then this area of Northumberland has something to appeal to everyone.

We have walks from Holy Island to Hexham, Berwick to Cresswell, The Coastal Path or The Belford Loop, which run to or through Belford. This means we can provide accommodation for them all. From Belford you can also use the local bus service to travel to the start of different stages of the longer walks and walk back or walk there and bus back. This means we can be a base for many parts of the longer walks in the area.

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nn1c-map.jpgCycling is another great way to see the beautiful countryside in North Northumberland. The major route is the Coast and Castles and there is now a new cycle route called The Sandstone way. Both these routes are long and varied and take you through some of the most stunning scenery in the country. Belford provides a stop along the way for both of these routes or just to cycle around the local area.

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mick-oxley-gallery2.pngWe are very lucky in this area of Northumberland to have a number of amazing artists with their own galleries.  All within easy reach of Belford and displaying a variation of styles and subjects there is something to appeal to everyones taste.

From paintings of local wildlife to moody landscapes to thought provoking subjects of the wars there will be something to make you want to take one home.

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Bird watching

puffin.jpgNorth Northumberland has an abundance of wildlife. This includes a bird population second to none. From birds of prey to the migratory puffins on the Farne Islands if you are a serious bird watcher then this area will have something you will want to see.

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barter-books.jpgThere are of course many other things to see and places to go in North Northumberland. They vary from famous book shops to a boat trip to the Farne Islands to a working water powered flour mill.  This area has such a diverse range of attractions there is surely something for everyone to fill a few hours or make a full day of seeing something different.

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